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Danae Sioziou was born in 1987 and raised in Karlsruhe, Germany, and Karditsa, Greece. She got her BA in English Literature from the University of Athens, and then pursued an MSc in Cultural Management at Panteion University and another MSc in European History at the University of Athens. She completed her internship in the Free University of Berlin. She was co-editor of the literary journal Teflon. Her poems, articles, and translations have been published in various journals and newspapers (Teflon, Poiitiki, e-poema, The Books’ Journal, Thraka, and Brooklyn Rail among others). Her poems have been translated in six languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Catalan Spanish, Croatian) She has also been included in four anthologies: Austerity Measures (Penguin, 2016, 2017, U.K, USA), The Quest of the South (Animal Sospechoso, 2016, Spain), Little Animals to the Slaughterhouse (Parasittenpresse, 2017, Germany), “Women tell stories. Experiences in the Countries of Central and Eastern Europe ” (CEREFREA Villa Noël, l’Université de Bucarest, 2017, Romania) The poetry collection Useful Children Games is her first and was published by Antipodes Editions. She was awarded the Jiannis Varveris’ Prize for Young Writers.

In July 2015 she participated in the performance by Adonis Volanakis “Penelodiad: anAbstract” (based on the book by Margaret Atwood) which was shown in the Festival ofAthens. In May 2016 she was featured along with seven other Greek poets in the grouppresentation by The Guardian (“Meet the Greek writers revolutionising poetry in the age of austerity”). In October 2016 she participated in to the cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary art residency “Common Platforms” at the Municipal Theatre of Piraeus, bringing together artists from Greece, Iran, Syria, Afghanistan, Argentina, Spain, and Great Britain.  In 2017 she participated in Goranovo Proljeće Poetry Festival in Croatia. In March 2018 she was invited by the German newspaper ZEIT and the Robert Bosch Stiftung Institute to participate in Platform21 in the International Bookfair of Leipzig in Germany.

She participates in various artistic projects and works as a foreign language teacher. She is currently based in Athens.

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